COVE - Hamilton Pier 8 Promenade Park Design Competition

Hamilton's fascinating natural and industrial history has shaped its character forming the strands of a narrative that is woven through this proposal for the Pier 8 Promenade Park. We were inspired by the mid-nineteenth century's frayed coastline marked by a multitude of sheltered river inlets. Its strategic location along Hamilton's waterfront assures a continuous animated stretch of access to the water's edge.

Our proposal then introduces a new edge to Pier 8 that is defined by a sinuous civic trail, which in its modulated coursing creates a set of coves of a unique and iconic character in the form of a littoral splash pad, a dune beach, and an urban(e) cultural plaza, the experience punctuated by a 'walk over the harbour' at Sunrise Bridge.


City of Hamilton
Hamilton ON
Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio - Landscape Architecture

Teeple Architects - Architecture

Gilles Arpin - Lighting

DEW - Water Feature Architecture

EXP - Engineering

Art Strategies Inc. - Public Art

Turner Townsend - Cost Consultant

Smart Watering Systems Inc. - Irrigation

Iron Bridge Fabrication

Photography Credit: Janet Rosenberg & Studio and Adrian Phiffer