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Article: “Designing a Holocaust memorial for a new generation”

The Globe and Mail, Friday February 28, 2014, by Alex Bozikovic

“More compelling is the design by Adjaye, the renowned British architect, and Israeli artist-architect Arad, with Canadian landscape architect Janet Rosenberg and art consultant Irene Szylinger. It is a series of 23 concrete walls, standing parallel; each of them very tall, irregular in form and texture.

There are 22 passageways between them, one for each European country whose Jewish community was destroyed. Each passage provides a journey toward light. As a group, they also resemble a book, perhaps the Yizkor bikher (books of remembering) that many European Jewish communities produced in the years after the war . This monument encourages us to go deep, to head into the darkness and find the only way out, through reflection and learning.”