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JRS recognized for the second year in a row as a CPD Challenge Top Contributor

JRS is a Top Pathfinder Project Contributor again! JRS has been recognized for the second year in a row in the Climate Positive Design (CPD) Beyond Neutral Annual Report. The Challenge establishes carbon performance targets with a goal to increase carbon sequestration and reduce and offset emissions on project sites.

The report features our work at 1925 Victoria Park in Scarborough. Designed in collaboration with Partisans, the project will be the first privately developed Tier 4 (or net-zero) building under the Toronto Green Standard.

Initial Pathfinder analysis for the project resulted in a “climate positive” score of 246-years – the time required for the project to offset its carbon emissions. By implementing strategic changes, including the conversion of the boulevard lawn to meadow, and the selection of low-carbon pavers on private property, we were able to reduce the years to positive to 72, a roughly 70% reduction.

One of the largest challenges for the project has been the municipal requirement for standard concrete sidewalks and lawn boulevards. It reinforces the need to work with municipalities to gain broader acceptance of more sustainable paving materials, such as low carbon concrete, within publicly owned land. The years to positive for this project could be further lowered if this was the case.

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Client: Well Grounded Real Estate
Modular System Delivery – Architect: Serotiny Group
Architect: PARTISANS
Landscape Architect: Janet Rosenberg & Studio
Engineering: RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists, Sola Engineering Inc, Integral Group Inc, Morrison Hershfield
Environmental: S2S Environmental Inc
Arborist: Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services Ltd
Planning: Bousfields Inc
Renderings by Partisans