Stefano Giannini


Principal, Landscape Architect

With over 20 years of experience in landscape architecture, Stefano Giannini is known for his keen attention to detail, commitment to advancing sustainability, and technically sophisticated and stunning design schemes.

In his role as principal at JRS, Stefano has led a number of award-winning projects across sectors, including large teams for complex public realm and commercial projects as well as some of the firm’s most celebrated residential gardens. He is a creative and versatile practitioner whose passion for eloquent design is complemented by his technical proficiencies, robust interpersonal and project-management skills, and broad knowledge of diverse plant species and ecologies.

While Stefano currently oversees the firm’s residential division, he also advises across projects in the office to ensure a high level of consistency with respect to quality, detailing, drawings, and sustainable interventions. A lifelong learner, he actively participates in both national and international conferences and oversees JRS projects in locations outside of Canada, constantly challenging himself to learn more about a wider range of plants, ecologies, and climates. Stefano also takes a hands-on approach to leadership, mentoring next-generation designers and working as an OALA Advisor to conduct reviews and provide licensing support for younger staff.