Pier 8 Design Competition


City of Hamilton


Hamilton, Ontario

Shortlisted Finalist

Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
Teeple Architects (Architect)
Gilles Arpin (Lighting Designer)
DEW (Water Feature Architect)
exp. (Engineer)
Art Strategies Inc. (Public Art Designer)
Turner Townsend (Cost Consultant)
Smart Watering Systems Inc. (Irrigation System)
Iron Bridge Fabrication


Photography Credit: Janet Rosenberg & Studio and Adrian Phiffer

Hamilton’s fascinating natural and industrial history has shaped its character forming the strands of a narrative that is woven through this proposal for the Pier 8 Promenade Park.

We were inspired by the mid-nineteenth century’s frayed coastline marked by a multitude of sheltered river inlets. Its strategic location along Hamilton’s waterfront assures a continuous animated stretch of access to the water’s edge.

Our proposal then introduces a new edge to Pier 8 that is defined by a sinuous civic trail, which in its modulated coursing creates a set of coves of a unique and iconic character in the form of a littoral splash pad, a dune beach, and an urban(e) cultural plaza, the experience punctuated by a ‘walk over the harbour’ at Sunrise Bridge.

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