Howard Street Parkette

at Via Bloor


Tridel/City of Toronto


Toronto, Ontario


Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
Earthscape Playgrounds
Crystal Fountains
Aldershot Landscape Contractors


Completed 2022

Photography Credit: Jeff McNeill Photography

The new Howard Street Parkette at Bloor and Parliament adds a much-needed family play area and green space to Toronto’s St. James Town neighbourhood. Designed to meet the needs of the community, two park concepts were prepared and presented for feedback at a public meeting. The preferred concept was refined based on results from a community survey, comments from the city councillor and stakeholders, and a final public meeting.

The park features a safe and open green space for families, a playground, and a range of flexible seating options. The planting strategy is defined by large shade trees, and predominantly native shrub and perennial species, designed to provide seasonal colour and texture. JRS worked closely with Earthscape Playgrounds to design the natural play area and colourful playground that incorporate both soft play surfaces and structures for children of all ages. A stormwater chamber was installed under the park to facilitate rainwater detention and retention. A unique feature of the park design includes nine fog misters that are activated by a push button. The mist transforms the space by adding an element of playful mystery and a cooling effect in summer months.

Designed concurrently with Tridel’s adjacent Via Bloor development, the park was dedicated to the City of Toronto. The City will organize a public survey to officially name the park in the coming months.

  • Howard Street Parkette
  • Howard Street Parkette
  • Howard Street Parkette
  • Howard Street Parkette
  • Howard Street Parkette
  • Howard Street Parkette

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