Montgomery Square


Rockport Group


Toronto, Ontario


Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
RAW (Architect)
ERA Architects (Heritage Architect)



Completed 2019


2023 Unilock Award of Excellence

Photography Credit: Michael Muraz

JRS was the landscape architect for The Rockport Group on this unique mixed-use development project that retained the heritage-listed Art Deco Postal Station K building, converting it into a retail-restaurant and residential development. The Montgomery, a 27-story residential tower with an amenity terrace rises above the heritage building and includes townhomes at-grade along Montgomery Avenue. A part of the project included the design and construction of a new vibrant public realm space called Montgomery Square along the Yonge St. frontage. The square was dedicated to the City of Toronto as parkland but will be maintained in perpetuity by the client.

Montgomery Square forms part of a coordinated public realm strategy which is defined by unified paving and a mid-block pedestrian connection. A historical plaque reminds people that this was the site of Montgomery’s Tavern where William Lyon Mackenzie famously called the rebels together in 1837 during the Upper Canada Rebellion. Wide and grand entry stairs framed by large stone plinths maintain the formal front entrance to the heritage building while custom red steel picnic tables and benches add flexible seating to this busy urban park. Silva cell technology is used to ensure the trees planted throughout the square thrive in this high pedestrian traffic zone. A public art installation by visual artist Adad Hannah titled Montgomery Gates includes steel gates and blocks of granite that flow across the plaza and subtly represent the advancing and fleeing of combatants. The flexible design of the square has also allowed Stock TC to have outdoor patio dining within the square. Our intent was to make this space a welcoming hub of vibrant community life.