Taboo Resort and Spa


Great Gulf


Gravenhurst, Ontario

Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
RAW Design (Architect)
MBTW (Landscape Architect)



National Post DX Awards, Merit, 2004

Photography Credit: JRS, Renderings by Great Gulf

JRS was pleased to have the opportunity to work with MBTW, RAW Design and Great Gulf to develop a new Waterfront Strategy and Landscape Identity for Taboo Resort and Spa in Muskoka.

The Taboo Resort waterfront was in need of expansion for growth, in order to accommodate the volume and flow of visitors to the space during peak season. The strategy identified opportunities to re-establish a strong and consistent Taboo identity, and aimed at exploring ways to unify the currently disparate elements into a more cohesive style. JRS  worked closely with Great Gulf to establish an identity that responds to both the naturalized Muskoka vernacular and the more contemporary quality on the inside.

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