Yorkville Terrace 1


Toronto, Ontario


Photography Credit: Neil Fox

Using a simple palette of metals and stone, this Yorkville Terrace was designed to showcase art. Sculptures are strategically placed to allow for a seating area of woven materials, while a water feature is dramatically lit, making this terrace perfect for entertaining.

This project is named “Art Gallery” because its design focused around the client’s extensive art collection.  To complement the contemporary aesthetic of the collection, the terrace is defined by clean lines and dramatic lighting.  Using materials such as glass, stainless steel, and stone, an intimate yet elegant urban terrace was created for the client to entertain and showcase his collection sculptures.

At the focal point of the terrace is a stainless steel water feature that blends into a four-foot wall at the outer edge.   The water gently spills out of the trough in a serene deafening of the city’s noises.  An LED strip beneath the pool of water dramatically highlights the feature at night.  At the top of the wall sits a green hedge, softening the stark lines of the fountain and wall.  The wall terminates in a built-in barbecue.

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