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U of M Symposium Nov 18 & 19: Coming to a Common Place – Indigenous Peoples and Urban Design

JR&Studio is participating in the Coming to a Common Place: Indigenous Peoples and Urban Design  at the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture, Winnipeg MB, November 18 & 19, 2014.

Coming to a Common Place: Indigenous Peoples and Urban Design

“With the Visionary (Re)Generation International Urban Design Competition, the University of Manitoba has started to develop a new plan for its Fort Garry Campus, and for a new adjacent neighbourhood. The competition brief noted the “visibility of the region’s cultural diversity and Indigenous cultures must be in explored in the design of the built environment.” Further, it drew attention to the University’s goals to be “a centre of excellence in Indigenous education, enhancing its commitment to listening, acknowledging, and affirming Indigenous voices, and becoming a place where the values of Indigenous cultures and communities are included in scholarship and research… .”

The redesign of the Fort Garry Campus presents an opportunity to explore questions and issues about Indigenous peoples and urban design, and for the University of Manitoba to provide models of planning and design that lead by example.”

Image: Arpent, Visionary (re)Generation Competition, Janet Rosenberg & Studio