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Why touch the Greenbelt?

Why touch the Greenbelt? One of the most biologically rich areas in Canada, the Greenbelt’s 2 million acres protects the natural and agricultural systems that provide resources and climate resiliency for one of the fastest growing regions in North America.

“The cheapest way to build housing is to intensify and live within the resources that already exist… Yes, we have a huge housing crisis, but the Greenbelt is not the answer.” Janet Rosenberg and the OALA recently spoke out on the controversial bill removing protected lands from Ontario’s Greenbelt in the Toronto Sun.

Don’t touch the Greenbelt, advises planning group, Toronto Sun, December 16, 2022

Together with other leading landscape architects, architects, and urban designers, JRS also signed KPMB’s Open Letter to the Government of Ontario, strongly urging the government to rethink Bill 23.

Photo: Dougan & Associates