Devonian Gardens

Janet Rosenberg & Studio led a team of professionals including architects, engineers, and consultants specializing in green house engineering, water features, irrigation, lighting, and humidity control systems, to implement a plan that would rejuvenate the Devonian Gardens. Requirements for the 2.5 acre indoor park space on the 4th floor of a downtown Calgary mall included increased efficiency, the incorporation of sustainable operation practices, and building on the existing revenue streams.  

The garden now houses a tropical plant selection of horticultural significance, as well as a range of programmed and flexible spaces including, a children’s play area with play structures and climbing wall, animated water features and koi ponds, open flexible seating areas, and an event space.  Revenue generating events, such as weddings and corporate parties, can now comfortably accommodate large groups. The revenue generated is used to offset operating and maintenance costs for the gardens. The bright and vibrant garden now has a natural flow, which provides better access and connections through the space and to the adjacent mall.

City of Calgary
Calgary, Canada
Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio, McKinley Burkart Architecture, Dan Euser Waterarchitecture

Photography Credit: Roy Ooms - Lightworks Photography