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1UP Connect Webinar with JRS Principal Jessica Hutcheon

JRS Principal Jessica Hutcheon is renowned for her dedication to city building through human-scale design and thoughtful placemaking. With expertise in urban plazas, public parks, streetscapes, and large mixed-use and transit-oriented developments, Jessica’s leadership has made a significant impact while being an accredited Green Roof professional overseeing green-roof designs and advising on sustainable practices across projects.

On March 13, Jessica will lead a discussion on applying sustainable green practices and technologies in different types of urban spaces.

1UP Connect Webinar: How to Design and Build Sustainable Places
Wednesday, March 13, 2024, 7:30-8:30 PM on Zoom | Free | Register Now 

1UP Connect Webinars are a curated series of free, monthly Zoom workshops covering a variety of topics relating to urban planning, landscape design, and architecture. These webinars give participants an opportunity to engage with industry experts and like-minded peers while gaining a deeper understanding of city-building before pursuing a related career or post-secondary education.

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