Bridle Path Estate 2


Toronto, Ontario

Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
Giancarlo Garofalo Architect Inc. (Architect)
Oliveira Landscaping Contractors Inc. (Contractor)
Betz Pools (Pool Designer)
Moonstruck Lighting Ltd. (Lighting Designer)


Photography Credit: Jeff McNeill

Colour and texture abounds in this extensive Bridle Path garden renovation.

JRS was invited by the architect Giancarlo Garofalo to prepare a master plan for complete garden renovation that would be integrated with an entire new rear fa├žade of the residence. The new architectural footprint is marked by a distribution of structures that illustrate an incremental geometric growth pattern, which in its totality attains a sheltering enclosure of private outdoor space.

By way of this distributed layout, the architecture not only harbors the active landscape of the pool environment, but most importantly plays part of a diversified vocabulary in stone, with hard and soft elements of the landscape necessarily inlayed and inserted within the architectural fabric of materials and forms.

In particular, the pool terrace is unmistakably a genuine expression of the site, and it is where the wide range of Zen-inspired taste for colorful and textured plantings is harbored. It is also here that the multiple planes of the terraces create a visual and functional interplay with the landscape, as interlaced areas that respond to each other, much as the highly diverse liminal nature of a river landscape which fluctuates between wet and dry.


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