Bridle Path Estate 3


Toronto, Ontario

Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
Montgomery Sisam Architects (Pool Pavillion Architect)
superkül (Pool Pavillion Interior Designer)
Moonstruck Landscape Lighting (Exterior Lighting Designer)


2017 CSLA National Award of Excellence

Photography Credit: Jeff McNeill

For this iconic modernist house and property, the landscape renovation follows an earlier re-commitment to its original design, heightening the horizontality through the use of accent planting and lighting to figuratively paint its outdoor room in the changing seasons.

This landscape intervention demonstrates how contemporary expectations for landscape have pushed the boundaries on the concept of indoor-outdoor living, and in particular how this heightens the design sensibility of a classic mid-century modern 8,000-square foot bungalow with pool on two acres that even in today’s perspective offers minimalist luxury in this exclusive residential Toronto neighbourhood.

The custom detailing, material palette, and horticultural design within a unifying strategy, along with the collaboration with architects superkül and Montgomery Sisam for the new pool pavilion, as well as the custom new play structure that echoes the existing architectural folly, together create an exemplary landscape intervention that complements the architectural restoration in 2007 by KPMB.

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