Flowing - River of 8000 Water Gardens

Chishi Riverside Design Competition


Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality


Shenzhen, China

Shortlisted Finalist


Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
O2 Planning and Design Inc. (Landscape Architect and Urban Designer)
JET Design Architect Inc. (Architect, Lead Consultant)
TEAMER Architectural Design Co. (Architect)


Photography Credit: Graphics by JET Design Architect Inc.

Chishi River is the largest river in Shenshan Cooperation Zone. It runs through Chishi Town, and into the Red Bay by Xiaomo Town. With numerous rivers gathering together, it has a rich biodiversity.

Flowing is a bold idea for Chishi Riverside that will transform the river valley into 8000 water gardens. A trail network flows between the gardens creating a world class attraction that will draw visitors and tourists to experience the Chishi river valley. From the mountains to the sea the gardens will provide cultural and recreational experiences while managing stormwater through flows.

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