Research-Evolve-Design (RED) Wildlife Crossing

ARC International Design Competition


ARC International Wildlife Crossing Structure Design Competition


Denver, Colorado

Shortlisted Finalist

Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
Blackwell Structural Engineers (Structural Engineer)
Dougan & Associates (Ecological Consultant & Designer)
Eco-Kare International (Road Ecology Consultant)
Guardian Bridge (Bridge Construction)
Dr. Temple Grandin (Animal Scientist)



Completed 2010


2011 CSLA Award of Excellence, National Honour

Photography Credit: Janet Rosenberg & Studio

RED was our shortlisted submission for the Animal Road Crossing (ARC) International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition.

Because the colour red is seen by humans but not by many mammals, our design serves as a landmark without becoming a distraction to the wildlife it serves. Our design also consisted of several strands that extend past the roadside, allowing animals to approach the bridge naturally. These flexible modules were made of wood core fiberglass, an easily adaptable and durable material that can be placed in any landscape without forcing topographical changes and minimizing damage to the environment. RED is an eye-catching design that tackles serious environmental issues in road design and animal migration.

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