Courthouse Square


City of Toronto


Toronto, Ontario

Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
CS&P Architects (Architect)
Susan Schelle (Sculpturist)


Completed 1995


2009 47th International Making Cities Livable Conference, Urban Plazas Commendation

Photography Credit: Nelson French

Courthouse Square has become a mixed-use area of offices and condominiums.

This project was part of a revitalization of a network of historical green spaces in downtown Toronto. It brought back a planting of native species with a focus on medicinal plants, referencing the era of the original courthouse. Espaliered crab apple trees, rarely used in public spaces, were planted because they had existed at the site in years past. Axial views and corridors create a variety of intimate spaces, while establishing vital connections to the surrounding streetscapes, buildings, and open space.

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