Cumberland Tower


Camrost Felcorp


Toronto, Ontario


Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)

Photography Credit: Michael Muraz Photography

Cumberland Tower is a 45-storey residential development at the corner of Avenue Road and Cumberland St in the Yorkville neigbourhood of Toronto. As the landscape architect on the project, JRS designed and implemented the public realm strategy as well as a luxury Amenity Terrace for residents.

The project includes an enhanced and cohesive public realm inclusive of custom streetscapes with a unique granite paving pattern and stone-curbed planting beds anchored by rough-hewn stone plinths with urns. The design ties together with broader Bloor-Yorkville streetscape enhancements, expanding the feeling of a distinct sense of place and identity for the Yorkville precinct. Along Avenue Road a POPS (Privately Owned Publicly-Accessible Space) plaza includes elegant custom-fabricated wood benches and stool seating, framed by manicured green hedge plantings. A new work of public art is set to be installed on a dramatic plinth in the centre of the plaza.

Along Cumberland Street, a striking water wall animates a large stretch of building façade. Clad in granite the waterwall is lit at night while the cascading water creates a soothing level of ambient noise. A single Linden tree is planted in silva cell technology below the paving to ensure long term healthy growth of the tree. The waterwall with seat ledge has become a popular place to meet and to take photographs in Yorkville.

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