Grange House


Private Client


Southern Ontario


Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
Superkül (Architect)


Completed 2022

Photography: Jeff McNeill Photography  

Grange House is a peaceful family retreat designed to have a powerful and direct connection with the surrounding rural landscape. Designed for a family of five, the home features two interconnected structures: a fully renovated barn and a new one-storey addition that replaces an old farmhouse. JRS worked with the clients and a consultant team led by Superkül Architects to develop a landscape master plan for the 100-acre property that addressed site servicing, stormwater management, strategic views, gardens and outdoor spaces.

The landscape design is specific to the site, working with the existing rolling topography, mature trees, and the local meadow ecology. Native soil excavated on site was re-used to create planted berms that frame strategic views and create visual interest. The landscape around the house was deliberately kept very simple, allowing for unobstructed views from inside to the surrounding pastoral landscape.

Off the kitchen, dry-laid stone walls frame a garden with connected walkways, terrace seating, and a reflecting pool. An area for vegetable gardening was established to be planted annually with a range of vegetables, fruit bearing trees and herbs. The gardens include space for lounging, dining, and outdoor cooking with a built-in outdoor wood burning oven and BBQ.

The planting design uses a mix of grasses and Southern Ontario perennials and pollinators including Russian sage, butterfly bush, lilac, Pennsylvania sedge, Carex, and dogwoods. A Butterfly Hummingbird Meadow Mix was used to frame mown grass areas, creating a soft fringe that transitions to the tree line beyond. Two ponds are used for irrigation and assist with stormwater management on the property. A green roof planted with sedums and alliums is visible from the front entry of the house.

The landscape is designed to grow and evolve over time under the care and stewardship of the owners.


‘A Modern Haven in Ontario’s Countryside’ – NUVO, Spring 2024

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