Riverwalk Commons


Town of Newmarket


Newmarket, Ontario

Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
superkül Inc. (Architect)


Completed 2011


2013 CSLA Award of Excellence, Regional Merit
2012 Featured at the 49th International Making Cities Livable Conference, Portland, Oregon, USA. Theme: True Urbanism: Planning Healthy Communities for All.

Photography Credit: Greg King, Jeff McNeill

Riverwalk Commons transformed an 8-acre downtown site adjacent to Holland River Park and Fairy Lake into a multi-use, adaptable, and seasonally functional area for town-wide and regional events.

The site was primarily used for parking and hosted an old arena. Geographically, it is a key link to the Tom Taylor Trail and Holland River park system as well as Fairy Lake and the historic downtown. The park was transformed to focus and link more defined connections that are supported by a strong design aesthetic respective of the site’s natural and historic elements. We brought unique and thought-provoking elements to the space using colourful materials and patterns that play off each other and give reference to the river, the path system, and the new play areas.

The park has become a source of civic pride; a space for skating in the winter, cooling off in the splash pad in the summer, stopping to enjoy a rest by the river while enjoying the trails, and a place where neighbours reunite at the farmers market. As Newmarket grows, it requires more flexible amenities to meet the needs of a diverse community. The transformation of the site into an urban event space helps to support a wide range of programming such as farmers markets, fundraising events, concerts, performances, or art exhibits throughout all seasons. It attracts visitors and residents alike, rejuvenating the downtown core, and inspiring economic change.

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