One & Two Old Mill




1 & 2 Old Mill Drive, Toronto, Ontario

Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
Kirkor Architects (Architect)



2018 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Design Excellence Award, Intensive Residential Green Roof

LEED® Gold Certified
TGS Tier 2

Photography Credit: Jeff McNeill Photography

The historic Old Mill neighbourhood in Bloor West has evolved to achieve a harmonious balance between old-world luxury and modern, new-world architecture.

The Residences of One Old Mill is located near Toronto’s renowned heritage boutique Old Mill hotel in the city’s west end. The building’s sustainability elements such as the green roof promote occupant well-being, while maximizing energy and water performance. JR & Studio worked alongside Kirkor Architects  to design the green roof located on the amenity rooftop terrace, featuring drought-tolerant plant species, which reduce the need for irrigation at its source and promote biodiversity.

Two Old Mill’s beautiful roof top amenity terrace contains a balance of spaces for relaxation, outdoor entertaining and outdoor cooking, all situated within a lush and varied green roof.

The green roof contains a mix of extensive and intensive areas, and the varied planting conditions support a diverse range of grasses, perennials, shrubs and trees. In certain areas, these diverse plantings are layered to maximize their visibility.

Sustainability and ecological function are important aspects of the Two Old Mill green roof. The varied plantings and soil levels create a more diverse habitat for insects. Although irrigated, water comes from harvested rainwater and the majority of the planting by area is drought tolerant, to limit water use. Over 50% of the species selected for the project are native. The project met Toronto Green Development Standard Tier 2 and achieved LEED Gold Certification in 2016.

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