SQ1 Condos

Revitalization of Alexandra Park


Tridel (SQ Condos)

Toronto Community Housing (Affordable Townhouses)



Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
Teeple Architects (SQ Architect)
Union 31 (SQ Interior Designer)
LGA Architectural Partners (Architect – Affordable Townhouse Complex)
Urban Strategies (Planner)


2021 ULI Global Award of Excellence – Alexandra Park Revitalization Phase 1

2021 ULI Americas Award of Excellence – Alexandra Park Revitalization Phase 1


Targeting LEEDĀ® GoldĀ 
TGS Tier 2


Photography Credit: Michael Muraz

The Revitalization of Alexandra Park is a multi-phase redevelopment of an 18-acre public housing project in downtown Toronto.

The revitalization strategy involves partnerships between Toronto Community Housing and market developers to both redevelop the public housing rental units and introduce market buildings. Phase 1 A and B (4-acres) includes two market condominiums (SQ1 and SQ2) by Tridel, and 61 TCHC townhomes.

As part of the project, JRS has worked closely with Urban Forestry to design a state-of the-art tree trench system meeting the City of Toronto Tree Planting Best Practices Manual. We have also developed a design language for streetscapes and corners that was presented to the TCHC Design Review Panel and will form the basis for future phase streetscape design.

As a result of our involvement in this project, TCHC also retained JRS in connection with the refurbishment of 20 Vanauley Street, a TCHC apartment unit adjacent to the Alexander Park ite that ncludes updates to the building, rear garden, amenity area and streetscape.

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