SQ2 Condos & POPS

Revitalization of Alexandra Park


Tridel (SQ2 Condos)
Toronto Community Housing (Affordable Townhomes)


Toronto, Ontario


Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio (Landscape Architect)
Teeple Architects (SQ2 Architect)
Kirkor Architects and Planners (SQ2 Architect)
LGA Architectural Partners (Architect – Affordable Townhouse Complex)
Urban Strategies (Planner)


2021 ULI Global Award of Excellence – Alexandra Park Revitalization Phase 1
2021 ULI North Americas Award of Excellence – Alexandra Park Revitalization Phase 1
2021 Toronto Urban Design Award (TUDA) – Award of Excellence, Small Open Spaces

LEED® Gold Certified
TGS Tier 2

Photography Credit: Michael Muraz

The Revitalization of Alexandra Park is a multi-phase redevelopment of an 18-acre social housing development built in the 1970s in Downtown Toronto. The revitalization strategy involves a strategic partnership between Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) and Tridel to build a great neighbourhood – one that is safe and integrated, offers housing choice and employment opportunities, demonstrates high quality urban design and sets a new standard for sustainability. Phase 1 A and B (4-acres) includes two market condominiums (SQ1 and SQ2) by Tridel, 61 TCHC townhomes, and a strong public realm strategy including tree-lined streetscapes, laneways, a POPS and flexible community spaces.

The SQ2 POPS is a flexible community space offering a place to meet, sit and relax in an inviting ‘green’ setting. The POPS includes a pergola, a small lawn and dog area and a free Wi-Fi zone. The space is also an accessible, safely lit mid-block connection that brings residents to a planned central park. Acknowledging the importance of urban agriculture and food equity, the main planting area contains a harvestable apple orchard surrounded by lavender. Sustainably designed planting, lighting, paving and irrigation from harvested rainwater support the project’s LEED Gold certification.

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