The Plaza at The Pinnacle on Adelaide


Pinnacle International & Mondiale Development Ltd.


Toronto, Ontario

Design Team

Janet Rosenberg & Studio Inc. (Landscape Architect)
Hariri Pontarini Architects (Architect)
Jennifer Marman + Daniel Borins (Public Art)



Completed 2015

Photography Credit: Jeff McNeill

The plaza at The Pinnacle on Adelaide is a vibrant and engaging POPS (Privately Owned Publicly Accessible Space). The space has transformed the corner of Adelaide and John into a dynamic public piazza. Twenty-eight cubes of polished Quebec Granite, along with glowing cubes and vertical light columns were used to create a textured terrain that is both sculptural and functional. The cubes are dispersed around a shallow water feature with bubbling jets. The plaza serves The Pinnacle on Adelaide residents, but also provides a meeting spot and spillover from the surrounding cafes, shops, and restaurants. A striking piece of public art, entitled ‘Speech Bubble’ by Jennifer Marman + Daniel Borins, animates the space with an ever-changing series of images on a digital screen shaped like a speech bubble.

The project includes streetscapes, amenity terraces, and green roofs. The green roofs comprise 620 m² of space or approximately 60% of the available building roof. The construction of the condo and public plaza also involved the relocation and restoration of the historic 1869-built Richard West house which now sits on John Street, just south of Adelaide. The heritage property now houses a popular Mexican restaurant.

Once the long-awaited John Street Revitalization project is complete the plaza will be a key point along the entertainment district’s festival street. The plaza brings new vitality and energy to this strip of John St.

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